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We provide a complete roof restoration service guaranteed for 7 years for both ceramic and terracotta tiles, this includes:

  • High Pressure Cleaning

    Roofs attract dirt, grime and moss so they will need to be properly cleaned to ensure proper adhesion of the roof finishes. We use JetWave high pressure cleaners at 4000psi to ensure complete cleanliness, we also do not use any chemicals when cleaning to ensure your garden and home are safe.

  • Replacement of broken/cracked tiles

    After years of protecting your property, some tiles become cracked and worn, and we will replace/repair these tiles to ensure your roof is fully protected

  • Re-bedding

    Where required all faulty ridge capping and bedding cement will be removed.

  • Re-pointing

    Re-pointing of your homes ridges will be fully completed.

  • Cleaning of gutters

    Is a service we provide upon request.

  • Re-spray

    We use Regent paints for all our restorations, which are made in Australia, to perform under the harsh Australian conditions. Regent’s paints are made from the best quality resins and colour pigments available.

Our service doesn’t stop there; every possible precaution is taken to ensure your home is left clean during and after the restoration. We treat it as if it were our own.