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Our Mission:

We strive to achieve the complete customer experience providing the best service at a competitive price. Our philosophy is that a customer which has received a valuable service is our greatest asset

Why restore your roof?

People may think that a roof restoration as something that’s unnecessary or something you can hold off. But your roofs main purpose is to protect your family from the ever changing climatic conditions we face in Australia. Covering the majority of your property your roof bears the full front of these conditions, and must be fully protected.

A complete roof restoration also adds much aesthetic value to your home or investment property.

Why choose us?

Daniel the director answers

  • We recognise each customer is different and we offer a complete solution tailored to your individual needs.

  • All our materials used are quality Australian products which have been tailored and tested for use in the harsh Australian climate.

  • We offer a 7 year guarantee on all of our workmanship!

  • Upon your request we provide a free quote from one of our friendly staff, and then we arrange a time suited to your needs to come and begin our measures to protecting your home.